Abra Group
The leading
air transportation group
across Latin America
Bringing together iconic brands under a single group, anchoring a pan-Latin American network of airlines that will have the lowest unit cost in their respective markets, the leading loyalty programs across the region, and other synergistic businesses
Abra Group is a holding company structure formed by an agreement between the principal shareholders of Avianca and the controlling shareholder of GOL
Airlines will maintain independent brands, talent, teams, and culture while benefiting from greater efficiencies and investments under common aligned ownership
Abra will provide a platform for the operating airlines to further reduce costs, achieve greater economies of scale, continue to operate a state-of-the-art fleet of aircraft, and expand their routes, services, product offerings, and loyalty programs
In the aggregate, the airlines under the Abra Group ownership will offer customers the largest network of complementary routes, with minimal overlap, across their markets
Leadership with significant history of transforming brands across the industry and region
Constantino de Oliveira Junior


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Adrian Neuhauser

Group CEO

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Increasing air travel accessibility in Latin America, enhancing career opportunities, and commitment to ESG


Abra Group will make air travel in Latin America available to more people, providing access to even better fares, more point-to-point flight options, increased frequencies, and additional service to new destinations, while playing a key role in maintaining and operating new and existing routes to underserved communities.

In addition, through the combination of the brands’ market-leading loyalty programs customers will have increased opportunities to earn and use points, broader geographical reach, enhanced benefits, and access to superior products and services.


Each airline will continue to maintain independent brands, talent, teams, and culture.

This partnership is designed to support employees by providing more opportunities for personal and professional growth at every stage of their careers.


Abra is an airline group platform providing solutions to 21st century issues, making air travel increasingly easy, accessible, reliable, and sustainable by driving economic development, further integrating Latin America with the rest of the world, and minimizing the airlines’ environmental footprint.

Abra Group will ensure that its operating airlines are ESG market leaders by providing enhanced governance as well as the financial strength to continue to invest in a lower carbon footprint fleet, which will significantly accelerate the airline industry’s path towards meeting carbon neutrality targets.